Forming a company isn't the jazzed-up, spectacular event that some people describe. It is work that is not contained in an 8-hour day, and it is rife with sleepless nights trying to make sure that the cash flow is solid and will see you through the duration of your plans. It is oftentimes a struggle, but even then, when rewards come, they are great.

Me and my Indian partner formed Bluekore Inc. in the middle of this year to give ourselves a choice. We looked at what we do best and decided to offer IT consulting in three areas:

  • Google Apps for Education (GAFE) - I have been a Google Apps advocate since 2010 and have been deploying GAFE in universities in the Philippines for over a year now. In working with these educational institutions, I've found that in here, we can make a difference in moving our educators and students to learning in the future, today.
  • Business Analytics - Armed with more than a decade of experience in business intelligence and analytics, we realized that value in analytics lies not in the product, but in our ability to work together with decision makers and business users who are always hungry for more information to make their businesses more profitable and efficient.
  • Software Development - We looked at most companies' focus, and we believe that a good web and mobile strategy will work wonders for your business, when done the right way. Of course, for legacy systems and enterprise software which need not work in the cloud, we have experts who can work with you to maximize your product investments.
We aim to cover these areas and more in the years to come, and grow together with the technology of today.

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