Stars in the Education Community

For the last four years, the work I've done along Google products - Google Apps, Google Maps, and Google Earth - has slowly moved me from its applications in work and business, to its roots and usage in education.

Living in a developing country like the Philippines and interacting with educators all over the country has made me realize what the challenges are in using technology in the classroom.

Strangely enough, we are not as far from advancement as we originally thought. When I go to schools to speak about flipping the classroom, and the changing way that students must be taught using technology, it pleasantly surprises me that in these schools, there is always a champion.

There is always a star teacher.

This is that someone who is willing to sacrifice their personal time to attend professional development programs geared towards advancing a teacher's knowledge in better adjusting towards the children's digital nativeness. This is that teacher, who, despite the challenge of low bandwidth, is able to teach and utilize new tools like social media to have a better reach and understanding of their student's needs.

This is that teacher who is willing to invest of themselves in order to build a constantly improving educator community.

This is the kind of teacher we look for. The kind of teacher that drives me and my team to go out there and teach educational technology and web tools.

One day, we in Bluekore dream of finding the Philippines in the forefront of using these tools in the region. We dream that one day, these star teachers that we discover and connect with...will shine.

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