Education on Air 

Original air date - May 8 & 10, 2015

Conference Day 1 

* Welcome and overview
Opening, Tia Lendo and First Lady Michelle Obama

* What are the skills of the future?

* Take part in the World's Largest Lesson
Richard Curtis

* Inspiring learners with the power of storytelling
LeVar Burton

* Getting our priorities straight
Lord Puttnam

* Making change happen: three tools for better creative problem solving
Lisa Bodell

* Three ways to drive system-wide change
Michael Fullan, OC

* Making work rule
Laszlo Bock

* How to run a government
Sir Michael Barber

* Power to the pupil
Jennie Magiera

* Student Curiosity can help save lives
Brittany Wenger

* Transforming learning with technology 

* Empowering students

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