Launched: Google Classroom API

from Google Classroom Team

Announcing the Google Classroom API
When we announced Classroom last year, we said we want to make sure it worked well with other products that educators love and use in their classes. We are now excited to launch an embeddable Classroom share button and a developer preview of theClassroom API.

Classroom API
The Classroom API allows apps to integrate with Classroom classes and rosters. With thanks to a handful of developers that have been helping us beta test, here’s a few examples of possible integrations using the API:
  • New Visions for Public Schools' CloudLab (makers of Doctopus) builtrosterSync for Sheets, an add-on integrated with Classroom. Harnessing the power of Google Sheets, admins can sync data from any student information system with Classroom.
  • Schools that use Alma (a hybrid student information and learning management platform) can easily sync their class rosters directly with Classroom with just a few clicks (video).
  • If you use Pear Deck, you can start an interactive session with any of your Classroom classes without having to worry about keeping rosters up to date across apps (video).

The Classroom API will be in a developer preview until at least the end of July.
  • If you are interested in getting early access for your domain or developing with the API during the developer preview time, please sign up for early access.
  • When the developer preview ends at the end of July, all Apps for Education users will be able to use the API, unless their admin has restricted access.

To learn more about the Classroom API, visit
Classroom share button
We’re also introducing the Classroom share button, a simple way for developers -- or schools -- to allow teachers and students to seamlessly assign or turn-in links, videos, and images from another webpage or product. The share button only requires a few lines of javascript, and you can customize the button to meet the needs of your website, such as modifying the size, color, and load technique. When teachers and students click the button, they can quickly share to Classroom without having to leave the site they’re on.PBSQuizletThe American Museum of Natural HistoryDiscovery Education and Duolingowill all have integrated the Classhare button soon.
As always, we’re incredibly eager to hear your feedback and make sure that we’re addressing top needs. We use Stack Overflow to field technical questions about the Classroom API and share button, so please ask questions and leave feedback there with the tag ‘google-classroom’. And of course, please let us know what you’re building, or how you’ve integrated the share button, by using the #withclassroom hashtag on Twitter or G+!

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