Chromebook Live Laoag!

Last November 27th, the Bluekore team went to Laoag City to conduct a seminar to showcase Google Chromebooks. This short seminar consisted of attendees given a chance to try out Chromebooks and see what makes it special in a school setting.

The seminar was conducted in Northwestern University and with this, we give special thanks to Ms. Angelica Hernando and the NWU team for sponsoring our venue.

Ms. Angelica Hernando of Northwestern University

Educators from different schools in Laoag City attended the Chromebook Live event and our team was truly excited to meet and connect with them!
The registration proceeded quickly using Chromebooks to check our attendees in.
The program proper consisted of an overview of Google Apps for Education, Google Classroom, Chromebooks, Chromebook Management Console, and the Chrome Web Store

Mary Manzano, Google for Education Trainer, giving a rundown of educational apps that may be installed from the Chrome Web Store.
A teacher taking a look at one of the apps in the Web Store.

The white Acer Chromebook 13 Touchscreen is of special interest. 
Chromebooks are fast, secure, simple to manage, and a fairly inexpensive solution to schools. No wonder it bags the number 1 spot in the US when it comes to devices being used in the classroom. The Bluekore team's goal is to ensure that schools in the Philippines are given that same choice and review Chromebooks as part of their device strategy for 2016.

Thank you to all those who attended!

Chromebook Live Laoag !
The Bluekore team

The Chromebook Live events is a series of awareness events conducted by Bluekore Inc., an Authorized Chromebook Reseller in the Philippines.
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